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#ethics21 Week 6 thoughts

Today Stephen explicitly encouraged us to blog some thoughts how care ties into … analytics. From what he said over the years, my first thought is about the parallels between care and AI. One parallel is how the ‘One-Caring’ (as … Continue reading

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My prediction for the upcoming year.
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Augmenting human intellect

With the help of 26 other annotators, I tried to understand more about Doug Engelbart’s visionary text “Augmenting Human Intellect”. Why didn’t this work? What went wrong?
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#EL30 Week 6: Automated Assessments

The rich data tapestry of student learning records, might get at a more accurate picture of whether the student’s abilities will meet the requirements of a certain job profile. But is the conjecture true for all types of assessments, and will it lead to more justice, and should we embrace machine decisions here?
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#EL30 Alien Intelligence AI

In EL30, a very interesting topic so far was about ‘Ethical AI’ and what makes humans different from AI. Inevitably, the association pops up that the AIs will be very smart and autonomous, and we hope that they will want … Continue reading

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Blog parade “AI for Common Welfare?”

@algoethik is running a blog parade “AI for common welfare?”. I tried to respond to their questions. (Deutsche Version unten)

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Distinctively human?

What will prove as ‘distinctively human’ and will survive the cognitive automation? I think it is the personal, the individual, the subjective, and this convinced me of Downes’s ‘personal learning’.
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Anthropomorphic misdirection

Anthropomorphic speak to communicate about what the computer “knows” or “thinks” can be perfectly ok. But there are problematic areas. One is deep machine learning, where such terms dangerously blur the border between reality and science fiction. Another one is McGilchrist’s “Master and Emissary” for the two brain hemispheres.
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