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Pruning for Output

The key of my workflow from ‘Zettelkasten’ notes to an output is probably to see which items need to be pruned. Continue reading

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The Extended Mind

Offload the material and see it anew — great advice for using the “Extended Mind”.
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Automagical links?

Which kind of tools work for me and which do not, part 3. Think tools should not consume my attention with their autonomous creations, but help me sorting things out for myself.
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Inspiring or distracting?

Some tools come with plenty of pre-selected ‘sand moulds’ for our thought contents. Maybe for some users, such offers may function as an idea generator or a creative muse. For others (like me) they do not work.
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Top ten tools

My top 10 tools: 1. Notepad, 2. QuiteRSS, 3. Twitter, 4., 5. Wordpress, 6. Evernote, 7. gRSShopper, 8. FedWiki, 9. Diigo, 10. Slack
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What is Digital Literacy?

Responding to this: “What is Digital Literacy? — What impact does digital literacy have on your personal, professional, and spiritual* life? (*However you interpret this.) — Who are you? (context matters) — Licenses”
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More gRSShopper

I have played quite a lot with gRSShopper because I like it.
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Exploring gRSShopper

I knew that gRSShopper is able to harvest RSS feeds, but it is much more powerful than that.
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Seven habits of…

Seven habits make my workflow satisfying. In particular: pull over push, optimized for browse rather than search, and careless capturing but cultivating later. Continue reading

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Tangible Associations

I understand now better how the “magic” of my tool works: it makes associations tangible. It turns elusive mental relationships into “hands on” experience, and it compensates for the abstractness of some thought links, with a drawn line “at our fingertips”.
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