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More gRSShopper (2)

During the course ‘E-Learning 3.0’ (#EL30) I experienced how powerful gRSShopper is. Here is a demo application that creates an interactive map directly from the gRSShopper database.
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#EL30 Week 8: Creative Experience

In Amy Burwall’s conversation with Stephen, she said something that resonated very much with me:
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#EL30 Week 8: The invisible

This week is about experience. I was musing about indirect methods.
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#EL30 Week 7: This class

This week I try to write about my experience of this course, and to take into account the aspect of community.
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#EL30 Week 7: Response to proposals

Thanks to Laura for the proposal which makes the consensus task stretching again, whereas Roland’s good proposal might have been just nodded through. I think that a shared definition of such a complex term as ‘community’ is unnecessary and therefore … Continue reading

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#EL30 Week 6: Automated Assessments

The rich data tapestry of student learning records, might get at a more accurate picture of whether the student’s abilities will meet the requirements of a certain job profile. But is the conjecture true for all types of assessments, and will it lead to more justice, and should we embrace machine decisions here?
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#EL30 Two tasks

One task was a content-addressed resource, and the other was explaining Jupyter notebooks to 4 different personas.
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#EL30 Week 4 Identity graph, 1st attempt

So I tried to guess what advertisers know about me, from (1) the Twitter “Interests” and (2) my LibraryThing tags.
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#EL30 Week 4: The same

One meaning of ‘identity’ is just ‘the same’. If I am a user who has never logged in into a certain server, a ‘cookie’ just tells the server that I am the same one who visited the site before. Nobody knows my name at this time.
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#EL30 Technical: How I created my task

If you want to try it yourself, here is my stuff.
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