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Seeming rip-off

Some writing of mine might seem like I had been inspired by a book that I did not cite or acknowledge. But I had not read it before.
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Depth, once again

The old question of breadth vs. depth has bothered me for long. I don’t see interdisciplinarity as dangling somewhere in between the sides, but rather as being able to listen to the other side. Continue reading

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Mike Caulfield speaks out for depolarization, and I think he is right.
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Lighthearted Exercise

20 interesting goals from a new game can also be used for something entirely different: You can try to find connections between them. E.g., some are similar to others, or impact others in positive or negative ways, seem to include others, or be otherwise related. And thinking about their complex relationships can be too difficult if you only look at a linear list and most of the connections are only in your head. This might be a good opportunity to demonstrate the benefit of a think tool.

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Blog turns 10

Ten years ago today, I started this blog. The total number of posts is now 280, which is not much. The 323 comments may not be much, either, but there were such great thoughts among them, and each one was a gift … Continue reading

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Digital Humanities Workshop

Live blogging from a Digital Humanities Workshop … Continue reading

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Wealth of articles

Stephen Downes’ articles list currently contains 1260 items. Our university’s age is 625 years. Imagine an immortal scholar publishing twice a year throughout its existence since its foundation in 1386. His list would contain only 1250 items!

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Comments recovered

Due to heavy spam fire, I accidently marked too many comments as spam. If these commenters should have problems with new comments, please tell me!
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Email anniversary

It was precisely 25 years ago today that I received my first email. Ironically, its relic is not well conserved. As if it was a historical parchment document, time has gnawed away its left margin and I had to reconstruct much … Continue reading

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Blog statistics

I assembled a little statistic of my previous postings. In 43 postings, I linked 82 times to 69 other blogs or pages, which belonged to 49 people. Of the 8 blogs I linked multiple times, 3 are female, 4 are male, and 1 mixed (M2M). Of the 37 links going to these, 18 went to women, and 19 to men. My blog map does not reveal a clear structure. Only that I like to link several times to the same posting, perhaps to link the same thoughts together in different contexts.
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