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Make it Meaningful

I bought @quinnovator’s new book “Make It Meaningful”, and I like it very much.
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Bates vs. Downes

Connectivism is difficult to understand without the level of ‘concepts’. Of course concepts are just folk psychology, but this can serve as ‘shorthand’.
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Finally, there is a comprehensive, more easily citable, work on Connectivism available
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Ungrading, my take

My take is unprofessional but by a pupil of the 60s.
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I tried to answer a part of that question myself Continue reading

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Know more, or convince this audience?
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Stephen Downes’s talk “about a way to redefine ethics” contains a lot that sounds plausible to me. In particular, I liked this: “we learn ethics, but we learn them in such a way that we feel or experience a moral sense, rather than fully formed general principles” (slide 70)
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April 7, 1959

Sixty years ago today, I started school. We got a big School Cone and were very excited.

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Myths, semi-myths etc.

I bought Clark Quinn’s new book about training myths, semi-myths and misconceptions, and I can whole-heartedly recommend this exciting, in-depth, clinical and precise work. Continue reading

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Expectations make the difference

When a chord with a ‘nonharmonic tone’ is played out of context, it sounds awful, but when we hear it as a ‘passing tone’ or as a ‘neighbor tone’, we don’t notice the dissonance — because we expect that it will immediately be resolved. Continue reading

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