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I watched Stephen Downes’s beautiful slides about “The Future of Learning Technology”, and made notes about Agency, what we learn, Creative Experiences, textbooks, apprenticeships, and more. Continue reading

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Edtech weariness?

For me, the distinction between my optimism and pessimism about ed tech is rather simple: I believe in simple, low tech tools that are really tools and not patronizing prostheses.
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Teaching Machines

It is an important book, because without such a deep insight into the history of teacherless instruction, today’s new teaching machines are probably doomed to repeat some crucial errors over again. And it gets the reader inspired to ask themselves.
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Stubborn school administrations

We have an emergency! We cannot stubbornly stick to the prescribed catalog of stuff.
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Didactic sliders

I liked the idea of the sliders by Krommer, Klee & Wampfler (in particular, “As much simple technology as possible“), and I reused it in my simple Tool:

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Service interface

What personalized learning has in common with some productivity apps: a service interface.
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Intelligent textbooks, rejected

As expected, they rejected the paper, and probably they did not notice how much their response confirmed my observation: Continue reading

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Is openness addictive?

Currently I am participating in a German online course that is conducted within a closed group. I am surprised how much I dislike this, and how I miss much of the openness of CCK08.
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Web 2.0 for Teaching

A new German publication dissects The deployment of Web 2.0 for teaching. A significant argument is that active students are always a minority. I think this is true when diversity and breadth of knowledge is mistaken for plain mass of content.
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Enchanted by the tools

Lisa Lane has a great advice for the unnecessarily intimidated among faculty: Playing around with online tools oneself, but not getting enchanted by the tools.
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