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Ungrading, my take

My take is unprofessional but by a pupil of the 60s.
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Annotation. 2021

My latest read is Annotation, a great book by Remi Kalir and Antero Garcia. MIT Press 2021. And here are some of the things I learned: 1. More on Social Annotation: “We can think of an information infrastructure as part … Continue reading

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Annotation interactivity

The ‘stepchild’ annotation has engaged me since long ago.
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Distant Associations

What kind of knowledge, understanding, and skills is necessary for people, jobs, and society, given that technology takes giant steps to compete with us in ever more aspects? I think it is the ability to come up with an associative connection between distinct areas.
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Announcing my new blog content summary, and more thoughts about decentralization.
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Indieweb frustrations

After reading Downes’s critique, I understand now that a big part of my problem with IndieWeb is their concept of a post.
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My prediction for the upcoming year.
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Visualizing my Twitter network

My Twitter network is more of a bubble than I thought.
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Stubborn school administrations

We have an emergency! We cannot stubbornly stick to the prescribed catalog of stuff.
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