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Technically confirmed authorship?

I want to know who thought up what I am reading. The only way to ensure it was a human, is via successful networks of personal trust. Continue reading

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No prediction

Difficult to guess: either, bullshitters and gaslighters will have a harder time,
or tech will lure us even more effectively into relying on patronizing prostheses. Continue reading

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Twitter Exit

I moved, but I don’t like Mastodon, either, because I dislike the stream of any microblogging platform which, for me, was only a poor surrogate of RSS and Social Bookmarking. Continue reading

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Visualizing the “shoulders”

We are “standing on the shoulders of giants” who, in turn, were leveraging the work of those who have gone before. And if their incremental contributions are put into atomic, tweet-length sentences, we can visualize these relationships in impressive ways. Continue reading

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I watched Stephen Downes’s beautiful slides about “The Future of Learning Technology”, and made notes about Agency, what we learn, Creative Experiences, textbooks, apprenticeships, and more. Continue reading

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Minimal GitHub for reassurance

Finally I have found the minimal GitHub procedures for my simple use case: just reassuring me a safe way back from trying out changes of my code. Continue reading

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Conversations with tools

The ‘conversation’ with GPT-3 certainly creates inspirations, and it can be compared to blog reactions, or to Luhmann’s communication with his Zettelkasten. But it is a matter of preferences. Continue reading

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Pruning for Output

The key of my workflow from ‘Zettelkasten’ notes to an output is probably to see which items need to be pruned. Continue reading

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Edtech weariness?

For me, the distinction between my optimism and pessimism about ed tech is rather simple: I believe in simple, low tech tools that are really tools and not patronizing prostheses.
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Cognition at scale

My thoughts about the story of the ‘sentient’ chatbot LaMDA, considering scale as strength of IT.
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