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Curating my blog archive

Now you can browse my blog archives via category pages that each contain a short summary, and excerpts for most of the blog posts. Continue reading

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Seven ways to …

Prompted by a question on Twitter, I assembled some suggestions for “balancing towards more ‘right-hemisphere’ thinking”.
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Figure it out

It is a wonderful book about understanding. There are rich, comprehensive, very plausible descriptions of how we understand by associations, with external representations, and through interactions.
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Bates vs. Downes

Connectivism is difficult to understand without the level of ‘concepts’. Of course concepts are just folk psychology, but this can serve as ‘shorthand’.
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Finally, there is a comprehensive, more easily citable, work on Connectivism available
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Diversity vs. divergent

The relationship between ‘divergent’ and ‘diversity’ — an occasion to think about one’s own understanding.
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Science Denial

Book by Sinatra & Hofer. A different picture of science. Continue reading

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Summary of my course blogposts

My summary of the course.
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#ethics21 Module 7, more

I realized that I may have misunderstood who does the training of an AI model.
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#ethics21 Week 8

I had my difficulties to get my head around this week’s topic.
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