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Indieweb frustrations

After reading Downes’s critique, I understand now that a big part of my problem with IndieWeb is their concept of a post.
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My prediction for the upcoming year.
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Visualizing my Twitter network

My Twitter network is more of a bubble than I thought.
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Stubborn school administrations

We have an emergency! We cannot stubbornly stick to the prescribed catalog of stuff.
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Reading in the Digital Age

The new book by @gerhardlauer challenges “the gloomy song” “of the end of the book and the end of reading” (p. 222). Particularly, I liked the recurring emphasis on “the cultural technique of mastering the switching” (p. 51) between the … Continue reading

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Didactic sliders

I liked the idea of the sliders by Krommer, Klee & Wampfler (in particular, “As much simple technology as possible“), and I reused it in my simple Tool:

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Service interface

What personalized learning has in common with some productivity apps: a service interface.
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Intelligent textbooks, rejected

As expected, they rejected the paper, and probably they did not notice how much their response confirmed my observation: Continue reading

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Large maps

This is the third description of use cases for my tool. It is about very large maps.
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Sense-making workflow

In a previous post I showed screenshots of processing my own notes and ideas. Here, I want to describe how I use my tool trying to make sense of an existing text by someone else.
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