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56 Creativity, Identity, Subjectivity

While artificial intelligence may be able to satisfy our desire for creative novelty against boredom by applying combinatorics, the distinctive human subjectiveness and uniqueness is based on identities that cannot totally be cloned.

Seeming rip-off

Some writing of mine might seem like I had been inspired by a book that I did not cite or acknowledge. But I had not read it before.
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#EL30 Week 8: Creative Experience

In Amy Burwall’s conversation with Stephen, she said something that resonated very much with me:
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#EL30 Week 4: The same

One meaning of ‘identity’ is just ‘the same’. If I am a user who has never logged in into a certain server, a ‘cookie’ just tells the server that I am the same one who visited the site before. Nobody knows my name at this time.
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Distinctively human?

What will prove as ‘distinctively human’ and will survive the cognitive automation? I think it is the personal, the individual, the subjective, and this convinced me of Downes’s ‘personal learning’.
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