#EL30 Week 8: Creative Experience

I am late with the task of week 8 (“Using the medium of your choice, create a representation of your experience of E-Learning 3.0.”). I’m late because it is always difficult for me to come up with an idea, when I am supposed to do so (including, unfortunately, christmas presents).

Creativity in the usual sense does not only mean creating something and having some imagination to ‘see’ what the result might look like despite it is yet invisible (which I discussed in my previous post for week 8). Rather, we think of an origin where an originator creates something original. A single point (like a well? a fountain? a mountain spring that has the potential to grow from a tiny creek into a wide river?) And confronted with such a challenge, many people’s imagination just runs dry, since we don’t feel like a genius artist.

But in Amy Burwall’s conversation with Stephen, she said something that resonated very much with me:

“Creativity is about connecting dots” (20:08)

Ah, not a single dot of ‘origin’ but multiple dots! That is easier (and BTW, it also sounds like connectivism).

An underground periscope looking at a distant shore where one of the hills carries the lettering 'future'.looking at

Click to enlarge.

Amy’s talk also encouraged me to try it with simplicity. So here is the ‘periscope’ of this course through which we were given a glimpse of a future that is still very hard to imagine, like it was a very distant shore.

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3 Responses to #EL30 Week 8: Creative Experience

  1. VanessaVaile says:

    A single image — soothing simplicity rich in metaphor — such an elegant and appealing solution to the assignment


  2. x28 says:

    Thank you very much Vanessa for this nice comment and for your visits!


  3. daveymoloney says:

    You’re not alone in finding difficulty with coming up with Christmas presents Matthias! I really like the image you’ve created. It’s beauty is in it’s simplicity and as Vanessa mentions, there is very rich metaphor and meaning behind it.


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