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Science Denial

Book by Sinatra & Hofer. A different picture of science. Continue reading

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The whole idea of wrapped/ collapsed/ congealed may again seem like a rip-off… Continue reading

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Distant Associations

What kind of knowledge, understanding, and skills is necessary for people, jobs, and society, given that technology takes giant steps to compete with us in ever more aspects? I think it is the ability to come up with an associative connection between distinct areas.
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Blog parade “AI for Common Welfare?”

@algoethik is running a blog parade “AI for common welfare?”. I tried to respond to their questions. (Deutsche Version unten)

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Guesses about wisdom

How does wisdom differ from knowledge? In my understanding, wisdom grows very slowly, and it is often about what is really important, or actually, what is not important.
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Stephen Downes’s big article “Consciousness” is an incredibly rich resource. The greatest takeaway so far was the explanation of the mysterious ‘suddenness’ through recognition.
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Distinctively human?

What will prove as ‘distinctively human’ and will survive the cognitive automation? I think it is the personal, the individual, the subjective, and this convinced me of Downes’s ‘personal learning’.
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Sequential requirements

Does a neural network need domain knowledge? I think artificial ones do, but human ones do not because they use recognition from the beginning.
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The Specialist and the Map

The map is great metaphor when thinking about what can be looked up and what needs to be in the brain. I think the difference is between searching something on a knowledge map, and browsing the map.
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Off the Pedestal

In a great summary of much of his work, “My Viva”, Stephen Downes addresses some august ideas about knowledge construction — and topples them off their pedestal. Abstract ideas such as: representations that “stand for” concepts, and propositions “encoding” knowledge, were unchallenged presuppositions. But “recognizing” is the crucial thing.
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