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Automagical links?

Which kind of tools work for me and which do not, part 3. Think tools should not consume my attention with their autonomous creations, but help me sorting things out for myself.
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Inspiring or distracting?

Some tools come with plenty of pre-selected ‘sand moulds’ for our thought contents. Maybe for some users, such offers may function as an idea generator or a creative muse. For others (like me) they do not work.
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Stephen Downes’s talk “about a way to redefine ethics” contains a lot that sounds plausible to me. In particular, I liked this: “we learn ethics, but we learn them in such a way that we feel or experience a moral sense, rather than fully formed general principles” (slide 70)
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I tried to understand Stephen Downes’s “Philosophical Foundations of Connectivism“. Here is what I excerpted and remixed: below, or better on an interactive map, or in the  transient wiki. Sensations from anywhere “We don’t just sense what we see, feel, … Continue reading

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Traversing a network

Navigation in a hypertext is just text, right? Well, watch it visualized…
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Depth, once again

The old question of breadth vs. depth has bothered me for long. I don’t see interdisciplinarity as dangling somewhere in between the sides, but rather as being able to listen to the other side. Continue reading

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Top ten tools

My top 10 tools: 1. Notepad, 2. QuiteRSS, 3. Twitter, 4., 5. Wordpress, 6. Evernote, 7. gRSShopper, 8. FedWiki, 9. Diigo, 10. Slack
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Fear of clicking

Fifteen years ago today, I started this blog. Much has changed since.
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Categories for Sorting

I need categories. Not for neatly dissecting the world, but simply for sorting. Because unsorted lists require fast context-switching. That’s why I prefer Downes’s articles in a categorized list
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More online meetings, less short-distance flights

What is the obstinate obstacle against some more online meetings? There is a technical callenge: How does a large mural full of post-its fit on a projector?
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