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More online meetings, less short-distance flights

What is the obstinate obstacle against some more online meetings? There is a technical callenge: How does a large mural full of post-its fit on a projector?
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Invisibility and cognition

What is cognition? Invisibility seems to play an important role.
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Zettelkasten visualized

This is the famous Zettelkasten of the systems theorist Niklas Luhmann in a video from 1989. Now the University of Bielefeld has put it online. It is in German but it would be a pity if it missed a wider … Continue reading

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April 7, 1959

Sixty years ago today, I started school. We got a big School Cone and were very excited.

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#OpenLearning19 Required Blogging?

In the resources for this past week, there were mentions of required blogging. I am very much in favor of blogging, but I am not sure if I would like to be forced to do it. First, it’s not everyone’s … Continue reading

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#OpenLearning19: Paper-like OERs

How are Open Access or OER similar and how do they differ? This is a question of this week of #OpenLearning19, and I found it very worthwhile to think about it. Both research and teaching materials have in common that … Continue reading

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#OpenLearning19 Pre-Week

Our task for OpenLearning19 is to annotate this text about the ’30th birthday’ of the web, and to reflect here on the annotations. What I picked for annotation, are two keywords (Gopher, and Virtual Library curation) of the web history … Continue reading

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#OpenLearning19 test post

Hello from Heidelberg  

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Augmenting human intellect

With the help of 26 other annotators, I tried to understand more about Doug Engelbart’s visionary text “Augmenting Human Intellect”. Why didn’t this work? What went wrong?
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Agile book sprint

This great book on Perspectives of Agility (in German) was written over the weekend in an agile book sprint by a group in Karlsruhe, and I am following their invitation to ask ‘agile’ questions. So: How can agile methods cater … Continue reading

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