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Cmaps and the “Split Attention Effect”

The “Split Attention Effect” from Cognitive Load Theory demands that an annotation needs to be close to the item it refers to. I wonder if this is still true if the annotation can be reached by a saccadic eye movement.
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Zooming is overrated

Many people are enthusiastic about the ‘Big Picture’ attitude. Some even quote Dyson’s distinction between birds (who “fly high”) and frogs (who “live in the mud”).

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Lighthearted Exercise

20 interesting goals from a new game can also be used for something entirely different: You can try to find connections between them. E.g., some are similar to others, or impact others in positive or negative ways, seem to include others, or be otherwise related. And thinking about their complex relationships can be too difficult if you only look at a linear list and most of the connections are only in your head. This might be a good opportunity to demonstrate the benefit of a think tool.

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Magic of Zettelkasten

My tool is now able to import from/ export to tools that are inspired by Luhmann’s famous Zettelkasten. The magic of this was that he allowed for arbitrary branching at every point in his hierarchical numbering scheme,
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Tangible Associations

I understand now better how the “magic” of my tool works: it makes associations tangible. It turns elusive mental relationships into “hands on” experience, and it compensates for the abstractness of some thought links, with a drawn line “at our fingertips”.
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Im-/Export from/to other think tools

Comparing two other think tools with my own tool one can say that they are rather suited as the big long-term storage “cupboard” while my own tool is more like the “table” where things are put for a temporary large overview.
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Physical overhead of Mindmapping

While I have often argued for Cmapping and against simple hierarchical mindmapping, there are benefits that mitigate the inherent problem of such
nested hierarchies, They may help capturing the structure of a talk while listening.
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New: Read Mode for my Tool

I often wanted to share the great experience of using my favorite tool and to show off its condensed overview. Now, a read mode format is available that can be viewed without my tool.
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Spatial word roots are most prolific

If you stroll around the word roots on my map, you may notice that the category #3, “Space, Position, Form”, shows particularly many items in this selection of the top 300 most prolific roots, i.e. the ones that have inspired the most new words. So what does it mean that spatial concepts were so prolific?
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Forums analytics

In the #DALMOOC course on Learning Analytics, I encountered a nice application that visualizes these terrible large Moodle forum threads. I hope that, one day, we might have a tool that can also visualize the conceptual connections between the posts.
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