#rhizo14 OPML Feedlist

I’m an old-fashioned fan of plain old blogs instead of Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. So I assembled an OPML list of some bloggers who have joined the rhizo14 course. The OPML list may be fetched from


It can be then imported into an RSS reader, like Thunderbird or Outlook. Once I described the procedure here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdRr7yjQvc8

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19 Responses to #rhizo14 OPML Feedlist

  1. This is so helpful. Many thanks.

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  3. rdmaxwell55 says:

    a catch-all blog to add to the roll. Much thanks! https://raymmaxx.wordpress.com/

  4. Jim Stauffer says:

    I’m trying to follow your save opml file instructions, but Outlook 2010 won’t import the feeds. It detects feeds, but when I check them to import, it says it couldn’t import because “RSS feed not valid”
    Screen shots here http://www.flickr.com/photos/54331051@N05/11941116855/
    My saved file is named “wp-links-opml.php.xml”. I also tried pasting your link above directly into the RSS import dialog. It gives the same result.
    Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  5. Jim Stauffer says:

    Follow-up to my last comment. This is my first time using Outlook as an aggregator. I have no trouble importing the blogs one at a time. However that seem a tedious waste of time when you’ve already crafted the list for us.

  6. x28 says:

    Sorry Jim that I did not test it in this variation. Obviously, Outlook does not like this character string inserted by WordPress’:
    so you have to search-and-replace this (including the quotes) by nothing.

  7. Matthias. I was hoping there would be a blogroll. Can you add me to the list?
    I’ll cross reference the blogroll on my page. Danke!

  8. mdvfunes says:

    Silly me! after posting to both Twitter and Gplus I realise the point of your post is to say you less likely to visit there than here 🙂 I just wrote a post motivated by your blog. What you posted worked beautifully for me on Netvibes. Thank you. You can see my post for today here: http://mdvfunes.com/2014/01/15/i-am-not-doing-rhizo14-but-i-guess-im-in/

  9. x28 says:

    Cathleen, your address is added. Yes, it is a sort of a blogroll, but I don’t know how you could link directly to its HTML.

  10. mdvfunes says:

    Cathleen, if you get a Netvibes account, download the file that Matthias has awesomely provided for us, you have a dashboard that will update daily. Works so well.

  11. x28 says:

    Mariana, I am very glad that you liked it!

  12. Jim Stauffer says:

    Thank you Mattias. That did the trick.
    All instances of type=”link” removed from the file and it imported into Outlook 2010.
    Now do you have a link for a time-warp bubble? I thought I’d overcome the “I-don’t-want-to-miss-anything” syndrome, but I keep relapsing 🙂

  13. x28 says:

    Jim, I am glad that it works.
    I don’t have a trick for gaining time, but I use my RSS reader to make scanning the titles and descriptions faster and easier.

    That’s why I prefer an application which is more similar to a desktop email client than to a web client. On the other hand, this might obscure the big difference between blog posts and emails (which differ in Eisenhower’s matrix of urgent x important in that they are less urgent. So for RSS within Outlook, it may be even more important to have all titles by one author displayed in a list that can be seen at one glance, such that salient terms jump out, rather than localizing each individual item. That’s why I set: View > Layout > Reading Pane > Below, and View > Arrange > No Grouping.

    But I must confess that I don’t use Outlook for RSS, so I did not notice that the blogs in brackets appear on top. They were meant to appear below because they are from bloggers who have indicated their participation but have not yet created an appropriate category. So just these appear with 10-25 items on top, while the active participants’ feeds were filtered down to the relevant few posts — sorry!

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  15. VanessaVaile says:

    I downloaded the opml file and exported it to my feed reader. NetVibes sounds neat. I might try that too as I’d been thinking about using more. Tabs dedicated to active moocs could facilitate multiple mooc management.

    About updating — I’ve blog notices scattered at the different #rhizo14 cyber watering holes. I too have problems with relapsing into “I don’t want to miss anything.” The best compromise I can manage is to start with as much as I can and winnow.

    I forgot to post about / announcing my blog until today and saw several other new ones that may not be on the list. Mine is work & life http://vcvaile,blogspot.com

  16. x28 says:

    Vanessa, I included your blog already last night. Sorry for the delay in moderating your comments until this morning.

  17. VanessaVaile says:

    I was also thinking about posting a reminder on the social media networks you prefer avoiding 


  18. Thanks for this handy rhizo14 blog access, x28. May I humbly request that my blog be added? http://virtuallyfoolproof.com Should put pressure on me to post 😉

  19. epurser says:

    echt klasse Matthias, danke!

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