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Rhizo14: Thanks

Not everything interested me sufficiently. But what I did engage with (passively or actively) was indeed extremely worthwhile, inspiring and fulfilling. So I’d like thank you all.
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Space and elegance

An interesting post by Keith Lyons about Mathematical elegance inspired my to collate some sources that have intrigued me for quite a while: “Aesthetics as Pre-linguistic Knowledge”, intuition vs. visualization/ illustration/ exemplification, and space in soccer.
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MOOC community?

While a “network” is obviously open ended, I am not sure how the term “community” is usually meant by native speakers of English. For me, the word has many connotations of a close or narrow grouping, with many senses like confraternities or religious fold.

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Metonymies and literalism

Keith Hamon’s wonderful post on metaphors vs. models, reminded me of similar tropes mistaken for models. He sees the rhizome as a metaphor and explains how viewing it as a model, is a misunderstanding. This quote suggests who is most … Continue reading

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