#ethics21 (Technical:) Graph

I am fascinated by Stephen’s idea (mentioned in the Friday’s discussion) to map the Applications of Analytics and the Ethical Issues and then connect issues with applications to see what pattern emerges.

In a technical video he showed how to properly import the data into the database. Being impatient, I tried a quick and dirty solution with my tool. (Caveat: not coupled to database, so, no items added by participants, and no connector lines synced back!)

Here is a video

and here is a screenshot:

Screenshot of a mapping tool, containing two tree-shaped graph structures facing each other

The resulting map where you can connect (ALT + drag) yourself is here: http://x28hd.de/demo/?applications-issues.xml

Update 2021-10-25: There was a question in today’s live session how to enlarge the map. Sorry this does NOT work in the web demo. You may download the full version which is equally free. To connect distant icons, move one closer and put it back after drawing the line. For help, don’t hesitate to ask me directly.

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