#ethics21 Week 3 tasks

For task 1, I added example links to Surveillance and Winner Takes All .

For task 2 (which is not yet finally assigned) I did a first attempt that everyone can interactively view here (screenshot below) but I am prepared to start over again.

Screenshot of the interactive map linked to.

There is such a huge mass of material, so I decided to draw only the most important connections. But it took me several days to find out which were most important to me.

One connection perhaps needs an explanation: “Fear and Anxiety” to “Learning Recommendations“: The issue includes an idea of dependency: “Also, the constant exposure to analytics may create a sense of dependency in the user.

At first I thought I must add a separate issue addressing the power on the labor market where robot workers owned by the few have “an unbeatable advantage in the marketplace“. But then, the issue titled “Winner takes all” almost covers this, saying “AI will give some individuals and companies” this unbeatable advantage.

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