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Visual Thinking

There is an interesting discussion going on about Dave Gray’s “Marks and Meaning” (an “unbook”). My argument was: Some visual thinking techniques that are very much optimized for the “selling your ideas” stage, IMO, impede the thinking stage. Particularly: Prematurely grouping things into a hierarchical, tree structure if they need a complex web structure. Dave’s great reply pointed to “where the art comes in” and to “the social evolution of diagrams”.
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My take on Connectivism

In the upcoming “Connectivism & Connective Knowledge” Course, the first week’s topic asks “What is Connectivism?”. I am not so comfortable with a fixed definition. Furthermore, I think its most interesting aspects are not only being a theory of learning, but offering a whole new view for much more. And all of these aspects have in common that they can be illustrated by the neural metaphor.
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Horseless carriage

The metaphor of the “horseless carriage”, showing how new technology often just emulates previous practice, is still particularly valid with tools for studying or thinking.
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