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47 Recognizing

Recognizing is done by one of two ways of attending: not by the one that fixes, fragments and isolates, but by the other that perceives a whole from a multipoint experience of small subsymbolic features of a pattern; it needs just some of the features to see the whole pattern.

#ethics21 Week 6 thoughts

Today Stephen explicitly encouraged us to blog some thoughts how care ties into … analytics. From what he said over the years, my first thought is about the parallels between care and AI. One parallel is how the ‘One-Caring’ (as … Continue reading

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Stephen Downes’s big article “Consciousness” is an incredibly rich resource. The greatest takeaway so far was the explanation of the mysterious ‘suddenness’ through recognition.
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New page: Recognizing

The new page is a remix of all my blog posts about McGilchrist’s (@divided_brain) and @Downes’ ideas on recognizing:

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Gradually, Stephen Downes’ explanation of Knowledge as Recognition becomes more and more lucid. Myself, I most intensively recognized this idea in McGilchrist’s description of two different ways of “knowing”.
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Constructivist Ship In A Bottle

OK, concepts are no longer transported into the student’s brain, but only constructed there. But how does the “construction set” get into the brain? Continue reading

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Cmap’s Fault

When I try to understand what “recognition” means, what makes “recognizing” different from just seeing the single parts, I cannot visualize this at the neural level. Rather, I need some imagination from an accessible level — from the conceptual level.
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