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45 MOOCs, Openness, Diversity

The openness of a cMOOC creates and requires a different, more independent, form of participation, learning to pick from the abundance, and the benefit is more diverse insight.

CCK08 More wrap-up

Before I put this unique course aside, I want to mention some workflow-related things, reflect about the proof of concept to crossbreed topic coverage and free-ranging methods, and marvel at the magic to model and demonstrate diversity all alone.
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CCK08: Week 10, Openness

I am still struggling with the role of openness in connectivism. Is it a prescriptive, integral part of the theory? There are many possible reasons why people would prefer some privacy zone for their learning. And I do not yet understand how this would prevent growing connectivist connections on the conceptual level.
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[CCK08] First impressions

My way of approaching the confusing landscape of countless tools, sites, and resources, was to try and get a visual overview.
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