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44 Connectivism

‘[M]eaning, both socially and neurally, have the same origin: meaning is an emergent phenomenon, arising from the connections between underlying entities.’ and ‘impulses in the network ebb and flow’ (Downes in Foundations)


Finally, there is a comprehensive, more easily citable, work on Connectivism available
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#ethics21 Week 8

I had my difficulties to get my head around this week’s topic.
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I tried to understand Stephen Downes’s “Philosophical Foundations of Connectivism“. Here is what I excerpted and remixed: below, or better on an interactive map, or in the  transient wiki. Sensations from anywhere “We don’t just sense what we see, feel, … Continue reading

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Week 1 of new cMOOC

Why do learners need interactivity? Because watching their peers recognizing helps their own recognizing more than consuming canned resources.
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Visualizing my understanding of connectivism

I have often tried to explain my biggest problem with connectivism. Maybe a picture works better. There is the neuronal layer, and then there is the society layer. But how are these related? The metaphor of conceptual connections could be closing the gap.
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Connectivism must abandon its ideas?

Two Catalan authors see “Three problems with the connectivist conception of learning” and challenge its core ideas. I am not convinced. They seem to have a very different view of patterns than I have (binomial rather than gradually emerging), and of connections (all of strength 1 or 0).
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Connectivist Think Tool

Here is the link to my favorite think tool. Later more.

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#CCK11 What Makes Connectivism Unique?

IMHO, the unique “selling point” of Connectivism is its powerful metaphor that applies to the three layers neuronal, conceptual, and social/ external.
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#PLENK2010: Proliferation of Learning Theories

My “theory”: Many educators won’t admit to themselves that their own cognitive style is not the only best one that leads to the most effective learning. So naturally, there are problems to reconcile some students’ real learning processes with the predicted progress. And therefore, ever new theories are needed.
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CCK08 Final presentation

As my final presentation, I uploaded a 2 minute Flash file (no audio, 4.5 MB). It answers the question “How has this course influenced my view of the process of learning” and is a reduced, visually enhanced version of my yesterday’s posting about the relationship between conceptual and social/ external connections.
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