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I like Mike Caulfield’s post “Media Literacy Is About Where To Spend Your Trust. But You Have To Spend It Somewhere.” and in particular, the term ‘spend’.
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Know more, or convince this audience?
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Stephen Downes’s talk “about a way to redefine ethics” contains a lot that sounds plausible to me. In particular, I liked this: “we learn ethics, but we learn them in such a way that we feel or experience a moral sense, rather than fully formed general principles” (slide 70)
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Fear of clicking

Fifteen years ago today, I started this blog. Much has changed since.
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More online meetings, less short-distance flights

What is the obstinate obstacle against some more online meetings? There is a technical callenge: How does a large mural full of post-its fit on a projector?
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Augmenting human intellect

With the help of 26 other annotators, I tried to understand more about Doug Engelbart’s visionary text “Augmenting Human Intellect”. Why didn’t this work? What went wrong?
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What is Digital Literacy?

Responding to this: “What is Digital Literacy? — What impact does digital literacy have on your personal, professional, and spiritual* life? (*However you interpret this.) — Who are you? (context matters) — Licenses”
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#EL30 Week 7: This class

This week I try to write about my experience of this course, and to take into account the aspect of community.
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#EL30 Alien Intelligence AI

In EL30, a very interesting topic so far was about ‘Ethical AI’ and what makes humans different from AI. Inevitably, the association pops up that the AIs will be very smart and autonomous, and we hope that they will want … Continue reading

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Mike Caulfield speaks out for depolarization, and I think he is right.
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