Curating my blog archive

The initial categories that I assign to my new blog posts quickly become stale while new patterns emerge. Ten years ago, I therefore created a “Contents” page with headings that better reflect these patterns.

Colored strokes symbolizing the 'Contents Page: Titles by alternate Categories', and colored sheets symbolizing the 'posts'.

But the headings are too long (mostly 20 – 50 characters) for easy handling as WordPress tags or categories. On the other hand, without category pages, my hand-crafted post excerpts were almost invisible and unused.

Now finally I added the identifier numbers of my headings as WordPress categories, and put their long name into the category description.

So, now you can browse my blog archives via category pages and excerpts. You can even subscribe to individual categories via separate RSS feeds.

To facilitate even more overview, I wrote little summaries for the new categories. They condense much of my blogging, observations and insights of the last 18 years, so give them a try!

Furthermore, I identified ca. 40 % of the old posts as no longer recommendable, because their context has become obsolete or obscure. I did not assign them to the new categories, and greyed them out in the Contents page.

Colored strokes symbolizing the 'Contents Page: Titles by Categories, plus new Category Summaries',colored rectangles symbolizing the paragraphs of the 'Wordpress Category Pages (existing hand-crafted excerpts)',
 and colored sheets symbolizing the 'posts'.

Note that there is also another method of summarising that has not changed: If a major topic emerges from the post patterns, I collect snippets from many posts into a coherent longer text, and indicate in the Contents Page listing whether such a text (currently [1] – [3]) summarizes a given post. Tags don’t play a big role in my content provision.

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3 Responses to Curating my blog archive

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I really need to do something like it. On your contents page, did you enter all those post titles and links by hand?


  2. x28 says:

    Thanks for your interest. I have a database table filled from RSS files over time. When you need all titles and links at once, you can order an WXR file via the WordPress Dashboard > Tools > Export Content. Then process this XML file with Excel (3rd option, then drag item\title and item\link to columns A and B, refresh with Alt F5), or use my little Java program


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