#ethics21 Faked teachers?

A challenging question in this week was not on the course channels but in OLDaily: “Still don’t think they can be teachers?” in a comment about expressive emotive humanoid robots.

Yes, I fear they can, and maybe poorer students will be fobbed off with faked emotions, in countries with a commercialized education system.

But what kind of education will that be? Not: learning to recognize subtle patterns (which would reveal the fake), but: drill of facts and procedural skills that will be useless by the time the students graduate, since such jobs will be automated by then anyway. And worse: getting used to fakes and dishonesty by false emotional expressivity, destroying the natural aptitude of trust.

Sorry to sound apocalyptic, but as I have said especially in week 4 and week 6, faked AIs for gaslighting the underprivileged would be a nightmare for me.

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