No fear of entangled links

My workflow includes something that might seem scary to the uninitiated observer: I connect icons on a map without any bothering about how entangled they are becoming.

Screenshot of a zoomed-out map showing 17 columns of densely connected, items.

Older readers might be reminded of Burda Sewing Patterns where one could trace a colored line among densely packed shapes.

Schematic example of Burda Sewing pattern lines
Click here for a genuine photo from

If you don’t trust that they can often be nicely disentangled, you can now try a new function in my Thought Condensr tool: a puzzle game.

The trick is that rearranging too early might seduce to premature grouping and pigeonholing, and then to miss new relationships.

If you never thought of trying out my tool, maybe this is the opportunity: relax with the little puzzle game.

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