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Summary of my course blogposts

My summary of the course.
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#ethics21 Module 7, more

I realized that I may have misunderstood who does the training of an AI model.
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#ethics21 Week 8

I had my difficulties to get my head around this week’s topic.
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#ethics21 Faked teachers?

A challenging question in this week was not on the course channels but in OLDaily: “Still don’t think they can be teachers?” in a comment about expressive emotive humanoid robots. Yes, I fear they can, and maybe poorer students will … Continue reading

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No fear of entangled links

If you don’t trust that seemingly chaotic maps can often be nicely disentangled, you can now try a new function in my Thought Condensr tool: a puzzle game. Continue reading

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#ethics21 Week 7 Takeaways

In the #ethics21 MOOC, some important thoughts were really carried through. This made the limitation of AI much clearer for me. Continue reading

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