#ethics21 Undistributed posts reference

Somehow, three two of my course posts have not shown up in the daily newsletters, archives, or in the RSS feed (at least I did not discover them), so here are their links:

#ethics21 Week 4: many concepts, Nov 7 (included later)

This week has brought plenty of ethical concepts, and I need to share how interesting I found it to put them all on a map and connect them.

#ethics21 Week 2 Curiosity, Oct 17

In Week 2, we will learn about Applications of Learning Analytics, and I am curious about a few things that have puzzled me for a while.

#ethics21 Introducing myself, Oct 09

Other course participants started introducing themselves and indicated why they joined the course, so I will do this, too.

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1 Response to #ethics21 Undistributed posts reference

  1. I’m wondering whether this isn’t a MailChimp thing. I find that it’s awfully, um, interpretive of what it includes in RSS-based newsletters. It may be that if the pubDate isn’t today, ti will skip over the idem, which would automatically exclude any wekend posts (even though they are in the RSS reader).


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