#ethics21 Introducing myself

Other course participants started introducing themselves and indicated why they joined the course, so I will do this, too.

During my entire work life, I was employed in IT. And if IT, or the Internet, or AI, eventually became a curse rather than the blessing that we intended, I would feel somewhat guilty and complicit. This is why I try to closely follow how AI is going to be deployed, and to see what I can do to help warning if misuse is lurking.

I don’t know if this would be called my ‘duty’ or my ‘responsibility’ or ‘accountability’ or ‘obligation’ or whatever, since I don’t have sufficient knowledge about ethics. So that’s another motivation to participate.

A third expectation is to learn more about the connectivist and decentral aspect of care ethics. I am wildly guessing that these aspects have something to do with how this type of ethics is being learned: not from central authorities, but rather via ripple effects, and perhaps like ebb and flow.

A calendar week view, where the week number is changed to Week "-1"

To introduce myself briefly, I’ll just say that I have retired from the computer center and elearning center of the University of Heidelberg, and that I now develop a free think tool (I hope some occasional references to this will not annoy anyone as advertising, since I assure I do not have any commercial benefit from it whatsoever).

For more info about my interests and me, I would like to invite you to the rest of my blog, and maybe particularly to what I have tagged ‘AI‘ or ‘decentralized‘.

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