#ethics21 Hello

Today is the start of the new MOOC “Ethics, Analytics and the Duty of Care“.

For me, the most interesting part of a cMOOC (connectivist MOOC) is reading blog posts and comments. I am a slow thinker, so I prefer this asynchronous kind of activity to the synchronous video sessions — which do have their merit, at least as they provide the syncing or ‘clocking’ for the weekly topics and help avoid getting lost, in particular since these topics are not in a sequence of obvious dependence.

For me as the owner of a wordpress.com blog, it was easy to create a new category that will contain all my posts for this MOOC, and to submit its feed address with the form available from a green menu item in the lower right of the course pages, called “Submit Feed”. Submitting is easiest after you have published a first test post or introduction.

Partial screenshot of the course page menu, with the two items circled that are described in the text.

Since I prefer reading your blogs via my standalone RSS reader on my main laptop (a free tool called https://quiterss.org/), I am happy that the MOOC provides the list of all the other submitted feeds in the right format — it’s called “OPML” but you don’t need to know anything about this except that you can specify the file on the “Import” dialog of your RSS reader application. The file can be downloaded from the “Your Feeds” page, which is available via another green menu item in the lower right.

Looking forward to the coming 8 weeks.

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