Remote work (updated)

Updated 2020-03-12: Of course it’s too late now to create a robust version of the synchronous whiteboard described below, too late for the current ‘Great Online-Learning Experiment’. I like CogDog’s advice to do “what the best teachers always do- improvise, change up on the fly when things change.” So maybe distribute and merge some copies of the map manually. See also Stephen Downes’s impressive list of tools, and his comment “We’ve had 25 years to be considered, careful, slow, and deliberate. Now it’s time to just start doing it.” (25 years)

Quick summary of a post and a video I made before the virus occasion.

Large walls of post-its are really very important to get a richer picture of a big project. But how does a large mural full of post-its fit on a screen? When you zoom-in so much that you can read the small print (as the participants standing at the mural can) the famous overview gets lost. But shouldn’t such a technical issue be solved by today? The video shows my proof of concept, using

Here, the details of an item are shown in a fixed corner. And despite what outdated doctrines still demand, they are not displayed close to the item, but where your eyes dart effortlessly, with ballistic saccades.Pictograms: three buildings connected across the globe

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