Notes workflow

In a previous post and video I described the workflow of my notes processing in an abbreviated sample demonstration. Now here are three screenshots of the authentic processing.

Note that this procedure applies only to my most precious notes which are not just related to a single project or topic. Still, of course, most of the daily stuff goes quickly to the project folders of the Operating System!

The grey icons below are the 61 precious notes I recorded since Nov 18, in raw chronological sequence, after revisiting them again, and after assigning them provisionally to some existing categories which are shown as green and black icons. The most interesting items are shown as red icons: these denote clusters of notes that might justify a new category.

Screenshot of stage1: note items are connected to categories but not yet rearranged

On the next screenshot below, the clusters are rearranged to facilitate another close examination, one cluster after another. Some cross references shown as yellow lines represent my doubts about the category assignment — and they may later be implemented as “see also” links/ pingbacks in my local WordPress.

Screenshot of stage 2: category revising in progress

On the final screenshot, the assignments are ready for the export to a WordPress WXR import file. One candidate for a new category (in red) has survived the process.

Screenshot of stage 3: ready for exporting to WordPressIt is probably obvious that all this effort is not just for quick retrieval of notes. If I do remember a keyword to search for, I can of course use the full text search of my WordPress. It is for browsing to find patterns that might not have a name yet.

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