Traversing a network

This video shows a short journey through a word network from Roget’s thesaurus, in two different versions.

Thumbnail of a screencast showing navigation in a word map

In the first version, you will see a normal text pane on the right side, with normal hyperlinks that cause the page content to change. You can ignore the chaos in the left pane which depicts the entire database of all relationships, because it is normally uninteresting where they are stored in the system.

In the second version, you see the same items and lines in a disentangled view such that the spatial proximity of the words corresponds to their semantic proximity.

For me, this makes a big difference, and I wonder why this simple ‘small tech’ edutech method is not more widely deployed. (Perhaps this has something to do with a scientific relic from the paper era.)

For a description of how this demo can be tried out or created, see this post or this video.

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