#el30 Technical: Feeds Import

In a previous Mooc, I described how to import the feed list into Thunderbird. The procedure still works as shown in the YouTube video.

In gRSShopper, it currently worked as follows:

  • Do not try Find > Data > [Import] Feed — as I did! Instead
  • Go to Settings (the green cog icon in the upper right),
  • then click the “Harvester” tab,
  • scroll down to the bottom and click “Import Feed List From OPML”,
  • ignore the errors at the top and scroll down to “Select an OPML file”, browse to a previously downloaded file, and hit the “Upload” button.

  • If the XML format is accepted, you are done.

For me, the format generated by “Export OPML File” did not work currently in Thunderbird. I created my own page after the archetype of the “Edu_RSS OPML” page which is shipped via the distribution file cgi-bin/sql/gRSShopper-ple.sql — I just had to adapt some accessories:

Make > [List] Template > (Edit) opml_top — I deleted everyting between <head> and </head> — and

Make > [List] View > (Edit) feed_opml — I replaced it by

<outline text="[*feed_title*]" title="[*feed_title*]" type="rss" xmlUrl="[*feed_link*]"/>

If you start liking gRSShopper, see more on my blog outside the el3o category:

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