#el30 Technical: Week minus one

I just realized that week ‘-1’ (Getting Ready) has already started yesterday. So here is a ‘Hello World’ test posting with the new category “el30”, according to the hashtag “#el30”.

The feed address (i.e., XML, not HTML) of this category is now
(note the appended “feed/”, for Blogspot look here), and it can be harvested by gRSShopper as follows.

Install gRSShopper on Reclaim Hosting as described here.

In the PLE, click the database icon, then Make > [New] Feed:

Then click the “Harvest” tab:

Then insert the feed link:

Click anywhere outside the fields, and watch for a wait icon (spin) as shown here:

Finally your insert will be acknowledged with a green “OK”. Then you must approve the new feed, clicking “Approve”:

Now list the feeds (Make > [List] Feed) and note that the new one has now a green light:

Click the Edit icon (a pen) next to it and then the Harvest tab: you should see a green light, too, and new buttons such as “Harvest”:

I would recommend not to use this button but instead, set up the automatic harvesting via “Cron Job” in the Reclaim hosting cPanel, as explained in the above-mentioned installation instructions (and perhaps issue #6). After maximal 10 minutes waiting, the feed should harvested such that you can read the posts via “Read”.

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