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#EL30 Week 2 Clouds and Jupyter

I first encountered the idea of a cloud when we drew pictures of our computer networks. Now the week’s synopsis talks about redefining what we mean by concepts such as ‘textbooks’. I have long been fascinated by the idea of such interactive resources.
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#EL30 Week 1 From documents to data

Documents to data — for me, this is not an easy farewell. The addressability, manageability, and transparency of the document files and webpages is lost — and with it a certain level of autonomy/ majority. So, yes, decentralization becomes more important.
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#EL30 Alien Intelligence AI

In EL30, a very interesting topic so far was about ‘Ethical AI’ and what makes humans different from AI. Inevitably, the association pops up that the AIs will be very smart and autonomous, and we hope that they will want … Continue reading

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#EL30 A lot to decentralize

It seems there is still much legacy from centrality …
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#el30 Technical: Feeds Import

How I imported the OPML feed list into gRSShopper.
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More gRSShopper

I have played quite a lot with gRSShopper because I like it.
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#el30 Technical: Week minus one

I just realized that week ‘-1’ (Getting Ready) has already started yesterday. So here is a ‘Hello World’ test posting with the new category “el30”, according to the hashtag “#el30”. The feed address (i.e., XML, not HTML) of this category is … Continue reading

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Mike Caulfield speaks out for depolarization, and I think he is right.
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