Im-/Export from/to other think tools

Finally, my tool is able to export to, and import from, two other great think tools, and

The work allowed me to thoroughly compare the various needs and approaches, and I would encourage everyone interested in highly effective tools to explore these difference, too.

To demonstrate them, I chose a very simple example of a small family and their neighbor. iMapping focusses on the texts that are hierarchically arranged, but allows for arbitrary cross connections.


DenkWerkZeug, by contrast, focusses on the relationships and their own big hierarchy, such that the reasoning engine can draw conclusions.


Comparing them with my own tool one can say that they are rather suited as the big long-term storage “cupboard” while my own tool is more like the “table” where things are put for a temporary large overview.


Sometimes it is necessary to pull together many items from multiple sources. (See below a metaphorical example of this diversity: if the two maps are combined, the nephew finds more neighbors with daugthers.)


I realized that, for such big stores, I need some hierarchical relations such that I can browse through them. And I need browsing because I have always been bad at searching.

If you want to try out the two tools without typing in your data, you may drag them into my tool, and export them into the two other tools that currently don’t have an import function. Enjoy.

For more details on the design decisions of my import/ export, see my documentation on Github. Disclosure: I know the authors of both tools since a long time.

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