Good and bad news from Cmap

Ingrid’s great Cmap for #Dalmooc prompted me to install the new version (5.06) of and I was pleasantly surprised that there are now ways to avoid two stubborn behaviors of the application:


No more forced proposition texts, and arrow-heads even if arrows slope downwards, such that a simple drag from aaa to bbb produces the simple arrow shown on the right, rather than what it used to produce, shown on the left.

It is not easy to buy one’s way out of the old behavior. On my Windows 8.1 machine, I had to do the following steps:

  • Navigate to Windows Accessories > Editor > (Rightclick) > Run as Administrator > Confirm the security warning,
  • then File > Open .. > Navigate to C:\Program Files\IHMC CmapTools\bin
  • switch the filetype (bottom right) from "Text Files (*.txt)" to "All Files (*.*)"
  • Open cmaptools.cfg
  • Find "dont" and replace "false" by "true"
  • Save;
  • Open DefaultStyleSheet.cxl
  • Find "arrowhead="if-to-concept-and-slopes-up"" and delete "-and-slopes-up"
  • Save end Quit.

Then it worked.

But the bad news is, I stiil need to go back to version 5.05 because: Doubleclicking on my Cmps files does not work any more! The program has always urged me to store all files in a special folder (or even on their collaboration servers). But because I never liked to be patronized, I moved the Cmaps out of this and into my normal folder tree. I have one big main folder hierarchy for all of my resources and topics, and I populate these folders with all kinds of files, including bookmarks and shortcuts, and excerpts in text and in cmaps, to have everything in one place. And I don’t want the application to be the center which gathers all my documents according to their prescription. So I want to navigate to a folder and doubleclick my files there, not the other way round: open the app and let it patronize me.

Finally, I need to admit that, currently, my own little tool prototype also saves new maps to a prescribed folder only. And I am sorry for that. It is not malice, but rather, I just haven’t had the time to find out how to use the Java filechooser such that it also works with Mac.

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