Very satisfied with DALMOOC

In the last week of the dual (xMOOC and cMOOC) DALMOOC, I can say that I am very satisfied. Mainly this is because the course has fully satisfied the cMOOC criterion that the weeks are independent from one another. Indeed, despite I almost entirely skipped weeks 5 and 6 (on predicting), I was still able to benefit a lot from weeks 7 and 8 on text mining.

This kind of course caters to my favorite style of picking, and while I have not bothered with any single credential assessment, I have gained a lot of impressions and overview about the wide topic of Learning Analytics, and furthermore, plenty of inspiration to dig deeper in the neighborhood.

So, I am confident that, if one day I will need Learning Analytics, I will be able to quickly dive in and solve the kind of questions posed in the assessments. If this had been my goal right now, I am sure I would have more often visited the promising cMOOC component called “prosolo” (which, BTW, reminds me of the Canadian NRC’s recent development called

I am not so sure if I also would have participated more in the various communication channels which, for my taste, were a bit skewed towards the rapid end of the spectrum between slow/ reflective participation (very asynchronous communication such as blogs), through more rapid asynchronous forum discussions, to microblogging and very quick live chat (very synchronous). Regarding blog support, there is still room for improvement in Prosolo, because the current RSS aggregation is still not as flexible as gRSShopper and, in particular, lacking its OPML.

Many thanks to the nice facilitators George, Dragan, Ryan, and Carolyn!

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