Rhizo14: Thanks

I don’t want to leave Rhizo14 without saying goodbye. I am always  glad that the “autonomy” condition of cMOOCs allows me to freely choose my level of participation. This time I chose to stay at the periphery because not everything interested me sufficiently. But what I did engage with (passively or actively) was indeed extremely worthwhile, inspiring and fulfilling.  So I’d like to thank you all.

Technical note: After I moved many entries from the special rhizo14 blogroll at my sidebar to my ordinary blogroll, the former is now closed, and therefore WordPress does not generate the OPML feedlist any more. From my page “rhizo14” (a tab above) there is a frozen copy of it available.

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One Response to Rhizo14: Thanks

  1. mdvfunes says:

    I wanted to thank you in particular too. You made my participation more central than I ever intended with the creation of the blog list and with the fact that you ‘found’ my blog without me sending it to you – it made me feel special 🙂

    My Netvibes got populated easily and made it really easy to follow everyone. Your peripheral participation was very much appreciated by this fellow peripheral participant. All the best.

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