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D & G and Connectivism

Trying to dive into Deleuze & Guattari, some interesting stuff caught my eyes which aligns well with my understanding of both Connectivism and McGilchrist’s book about the Making of the Western World.
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Rhizomatic weapons? No thanks.

Words like “power” and even “weapons” were mentioned strikingly often in the first week of Rhizo14. Are here definitions (see last post) being used for fighting?
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Rules or patterns?

For me, the most interesting part of rhizomatic rather than arborescent thinking is, that it allows for networked complex patterns rather than just stubborn rules. However, in the first few days of the Rhizo14 MOOC, I have read the words “rules” and “definition” more often than in months before.
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#rhizo14 OPML Feedlist

I’m an old-fashioned fan of plain old blogs instead of Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. So I assembled an OPML list of some bloggers who have joined the rhizo14 course. The OPML list may be fetched from It can be … Continue reading

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#rhizo14 Introduction

Thank to Jaap’s post I noticed the #rhizo14 invitation to write an introductory post and state what our goals are. Originally a mathematician, I work in a university E-learning center, and the term rh… has fascinated me since long. My … Continue reading

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I need to visualize how rhizomatic learning might look like. Beneath the surface, you see how all plants are connected. So if you are interested in one topic, you might need to learn about another one before. Imagine how you would pull out these topics: Just the other way around than in traditional learning.
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