Think Know Tools

In the last six weeks I participated in a wonderful course offered by Howard Rheingold: “Think Know Tools“, whose “Social Media Classroom” theme was an aesthetic pleasure at every visit.

It was not open in the sense of open access, but very open in the sense of open minds. And in particular, the diversity component was at least as strong as in the (c-)MOOCs that I got used to in the last few years. It was a great experience to see how differently the think tools work for such different people.

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2 Responses to Think Know Tools

  1. Jack Vinson says:

    I’d love to hear (read) more about what you thought of this course and the content. I’ve considered attending several of his courses, as they sound very tempting for the curious mind.


  2. x28 says:

    I guess your benefit from the course would be similar to mine: The great value lies in the connections that enable to think thoroughly about think tools in general or, if you will, about PKM philosophy. Even if you are familiar with many single “trees” of PKM you learn much about the “forest”.


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