Conceptual layer, again

The good news is, that the conceptual layer of connectivism is still alive: George just showed this slide at SUNYSB

But the disappointing thing about it is that it looks very pale. George likened it to Google’s “Knowledge Graph” (approx. 11:05 h) which, IMHO, would at most be a semantic web type factual knowledge, a disambiguation of terms, or binary answers to questions that are either incorrect or correct, or jig-saw puzzle pieces — which is far away from what the original neuronal metaphor suggested: emerging conceptual connections of varying strengths.

For me, this original powerful idea is most impressively realized by visualisation apps that allow all sorts of connector lines (e.g. thick ones, thin, dashed, or dotted ones) or even no line at all, just positioning the icons close to each other. It is amazing how underdeveloped our current tools are in this respect. In IHMC’s Cmap, it is a pain to switch to dashed connectors and back. So I still have to maintain my powerpoint 2003…

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