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Conceptual layer, again

The good news is, that the conceptual layer of connectivism is still alive: George just showed this slide at SUNYSB But the disappointing thing about it is that it looks very pale. George likened it to Google’s “Knowledge Graph” (approx. … Continue reading

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Change11 feed closed

If you still subscribe to my Change11 category feed, please note that this is closed now, and use the more general feed address  (without “category/change11/”).

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Connections “beyond” concepts?

With concept maps, “the problem is that you’re tied to the sign, word and symbol.” (Stephen). So I am still grappling with the connections between (or within, or “beyond”?) concepts. Unlike Cmaps, the brain is not filled with propositions. But perhaps we should simply let go the traditional roles of nodes and connector lines, and find the ideas in sets of connectors?
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My favorite sections in Downes’ new book

Downes’ new book on connective knowledge tells a lot about knowledge that you cannot read anywhere else. My recommendations for a rhizomatic journey through the book include 5 sections as starting points.
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#change11 Openness vs. openness

One of the main obstacles against one sense of openness is another sense of openness: In traditional peer reviewed journals, peers are open in ONE sense when they frankly give negative feedback. Of course this excludes openness in the OTHER sense, the sense of public accessibiity.
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Wealth of articles

Stephen Downes’ articles list currently contains 1260 items. Our university’s age is 625 years. Imagine an immortal scholar publishing twice a year throughout its existence since its foundation in 1386. His list would contain only 1250 items!

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#change11 Hidden in public

In this week’s article I recognized my “selves” #3 and #4 (participatory and asynchronous). But while Bonnie looks “beyond the traces and trails we leave behind”, I am still grappling with the effect of the sheer mass of such traces.
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#change11 Scholars’ network, group, and personal practices

Week 33 Task 4.
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