#change11 Moodle Forum or gRSShopper

Responding to Rita Kop who said in a comment at Tony Bates’ blog:

“Perhaps the decision to leave out the learning management system from the Change MOOC has not been a wise one”

I once supported this decision and I still do. The Moodle forums feature is very much in need of improvement, and gRSShopper was an opportunity to realize this improvement. I think 2-3 student assistants for coding, or a few Dollars, would suffice for implementing plenty of innovative test arrangements (including collateral usability polishing). And I am sure the MOOC participants would come up with plenty of new ideas about how such a Connectivist Forums Browser might look like.

Unfortunately, research priorities and funding often skip the development of pilot testing facilities, and focus on the evaluations done only after. Already in 2006, I linked to Prof. Reinmann who bemoaned this “Methodological Monoculture”.

(Sorry for citing multiple of my own postings, whose old links might now be broken.)

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