Orientation and “experts”

Sebastian Fiedler picked a great quotation by the philosopher Jürgen Mittelstrass:

“In the knowledge society as it is understood today, the location of an orientation knowledge remains empty or is occupied by false conceptions, such as the one that a further increase in the knowledge to our disposal could, at some time, also solve the problems of an orientation knowledge or perform its functions. This, however, is an illusion. Positive knowledge does not become normative knowledge, which is why even an informed and knowledge-based society is not yet an oriented society.”
(Jürgen Mittelstraß (2000) in Das Verfügbar und das Unverfügbare, unprofessional translation mine.)

which IMHO contributes a lot to the depth vs. breadth discussion that we had in Plenk2010. Another recent posting

“Novices Orienteer, Experts Teleport”

 shows how bad the reputation of orientation is today.

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2 Responses to Orientation and “experts”

  1. Sebastian says:

    Hello Matthias,

    I was wondering about an appropriate “translation” of “Verfügungswissen”.

    Unfortunately, “disposable knowledge” also carries the connotation of “wegwerfbar, entbehrlich”… not really what Mittelstraß had in mind, I suppose.

    I tried… “knowledge to one’s (or our) disposal” … (Wissen über das man verfügt/verfügen kann…)

    What do you think?


  2. x28 says:

    Thank you very much Sebastian, I corrected it.

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