#CCK11 OPML file breakaway

If something is missing, create it.” OK, the feeds starting with L through Z are missing in the OPML file offered here, so I assembled them here: opml2.xml  (from http://cck11.mooc.ca/feeds.htm, which still carries the old “Plenk” heading and leads to the Plenk OPML).

I am not sure if the extra confusion around RSS is just a mistake, or part of the MOOC research, to test the robustness of participants’ autonomous skills?

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4 Responses to #CCK11 OPML file breakaway

  1. I’ve fixed the CCK11 OPML file – hitting against the predefined length limit again.

  2. I have now also fixed the feeds.htm file

  3. Haven’t talked with you for sometime.
    Happy New Year.
    Have you noted the recent debate on Talk: Connectivism? I have some comments on that in my latest blog post. Are you interested?
    So you are creating something 🙂 Good to see that in 2011

  4. x28 says:

    Thank you very much, Stephen and John. Sorry that I was so inactive lately.

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