#PLENK2010 Pictures of PLN vs. PLE

I am not content with my understanding of PLN (Personal Learning Network) vs. PLE (Personal Learning Environment) unless I see in in a picture. Here is my attempt:


Of course, my personal network is just my view of the network of my contacts and resources. It is a tree with few cross links (such as from C to F because I “met” F via C).


My personal environment is my dashboard, containing not only the entry points (kind of “plugs”) into my PLN but also the fuzzy notes, scribblings, and sketches (which I cannot share because they are incomprehensible and useless for others), and the tools to process them.


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One Response to #PLENK2010 Pictures of PLN vs. PLE

  1. Hey Matthias! It seems you made it to clarity and understanding 4 days before me!

    Glad i could help with a few words.

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