CCK08: IT in a 1961 classroom

My previous posting may have sounded as if I was yearning for past instructional designs, without technology. To prove the contrary I want to show a children’s book that impressed me very much when I read it as a third-grader:


The little sprite in the pocket is what today might be called a PDA (see the description at librarything).

Of course I was sure that this story would never come true, and I did not believe in the omniscience of such external devices. But somehow the idea of a little personal helper may have influenced me then, and I early hoped for useful think tool applications that enhance the mind rather than merely serving for storage and transmission of “knowledge”.

Therefore, the external or social “pipes” have never been so interesting for me as the conceptual level affordances of technology that deals with connections such as visual lines, database relations, or hyperlinks. And these affordances are far from being appropriately leveraged by study support today.

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