CCK08 Week 5 Reflections?

This week, I can test how it would be like to blog a mandatory number of reflective posts. This week, I am simply in full agreement with the main ideas presented, and I have no critical reflections. I do not like to make something up out of thin air, or to echo something like a parrot, or to meander on far-fetched tangents. I think many students feel like this, in many of the countless weeks in the many years of study.

I don’t even have a practical application in mind (because in my usual practice, the actual constraints for picking from groups or networks, are determined by mundane factors, such as intellectual property regulations, the restrictions of RSS behind the firewall, and the specific functionality of Moodle blogs).

So this is just a meta-reflection about what to do when reflection would be urged. Probably I would try to do at least something useful and extract what resonated the most with me. This is the “walls – bridges” contrast in Stephen’s whiteboard diagram, and the “sameness – affinity” polarity, since this is bridging the groups/ networks topic best to the rest of connectivism.

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2 Responses to CCK08 Week 5 Reflections?

  1. Sonia Triana says:

    Hi Mathias
    I found your blog through the Daily, and I really feel identified with some of your ideas. Sometimes I agree with everything, or I’m just absorbing and processing or making sense of what is presented. Some other times really I don’t feel like reflecting but just to express ideas or make summaries or organize the points I consider relevant. to simply study and learn. On another note, I don’t consider the posting of reflections mandatory because it’s me who decides what best suits my learning situation. I see the blog as another option and I’m trying to keep up but I’m one week behind. No big deal. I have to take into account that I have a full time job in my university and a personal life. I haven’t either thought any practical application yet and maybe I won’t have it at the end of the course….but that is part of the learning process. So I decided to relax and use the blog to post what I feel is valid for me. Maybe it’s not profound or I simply quote what Stephen and George present or the ideas that resonate with my experiences. But I’m highly motivated to learn about connectivism and I’m learning for free. So that is perfect for me 🙂
    I would like you to visit my humble blog a post a comment.
    See you around

  2. x28 says:

    Thank you, Sonia. It is just fine to know that somewhere in the world there is somebody who feels similarly!

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