CCK08 – Week 2 and forums

Week 2 of CCK08 has passed too quickly. It was full of thoughts which each could occupy more than one week.

It’s not only great, it’s also very exhausting (and I don’t know yet if I will be able to persevere). First, there are such mundane problems as timezones and language: I get too late to bed because RSS keeps me feeding from farther west; the Wednesday session is hard to follow because it is very fast, and much too fast for responding in the chat, let alone by voice.

The other challenge is the moodle forum. The greatest pain for me is not the griefers (I simply ignore them) but the structure. Both the nodes and the connections of the mammoth threads are impossible to overlook, neither in nested nor in threaded nor in flat form. The connections to the previous posts are mostly implicit, or at best cryptic (“Hi Pat”), so that reconstructing them costs me thorough reading rather than scanning.

And the nodes are undistinguishable because the post titles remind me of the Colossal Cave game (that we seniors played on black and green screens):

“Little maze of twisting passages – Little maze of twisty passages – Little twisty maze of passages – Maze of little twisting passages – …”

If the titles happen to be slightly different, they are still meaningless.

So, clicking back and forth to reconstruct the inner, conceptual connections between posts, which has become a matter of course with blog reading, is a pain. I suspect that the real forum lovers never read them in context on the browser, but in the mailbox just one after another. I don’t argue that forums are worse than blogs – they are just for a different learning style, and not for mine.

The connections within the forum network will probably be a matter for Week 3, so I should probably be glad to move on. But I would also have loved to go on with discussing knowledge types. Unfortunately, as Stephen noted, “people didn’t want to hear about knowledge.”

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2 Responses to CCK08 – Week 2 and forums

  1. helena ramos says:

    Hi X28,
    Some how I feel very connected with you. Your nickname reminds me of the old days of network asynchronous connections pre-internet (X25 packet switching) where CTRL+letter defined the environment. I fully agree with your observations about the forums. In other forums this is much easier to follow. People try to stick to the subject. I think that, other that academic flavour they try to give information (altruism) and not exercise power or assertion .
    Your maps are food for thought . Really learning OF the networks as Stephan Downes has reified the process.

  2. x28 says:

    Thank you Helena. I also noticed that people don’t really stick to the subject. I hesitated to complain about it, because in blogs I often welcome such diversity, where I can easily skip it. But in forums it is very annoying.

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