[CCK08] Introducing myself

[Postings tagged CCK08 will contain my homework for the Virtual class in Winnipeg.]

I am Matthias Melcher from Heidelberg (Germany).

I am interested in this course for two main reasons:

  1. The idea of connective knowledge struck a chord with me since networks have been important to me on many levels: first, as spatial visual diagrams during my own years of study, next in network infrastructure with Bitnet, then hypertextual content networks with Gopher, and now social software.
  2. I work with educational technology and elearning and welcome the opportunity to attend a such class myself which employs most promising practices.

I would consider the course a success even if I only found 3-4 interesting new URLs or 1-2 interesting people and had to drop after 2 weeks. Anything beyond that would be a big success, for instance, witnessing how the emerging concept of connectivism adopts more and more shape and positions itself against related ideas.

I work in the University of Heidelberg in the New Media Center.

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